Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


9 Sept 2016, Berlin


Diplomacy - Opportunities, Limits, Perspectives

New threats, hybrid warfare, a world in disarray? Diplomacy, as a venerable instrument for the peaceful resolution of international disputes, is today undoubtedly facing new challenges. Ongoing violence in Syria defies international efforts, while the struggle to find a political solution to the refugee crisis creates an impression of political helplessness. Pragmatic alliances seem to be the dictate of the moment, yet they create a political dilemma: cooperation with Russia and Turkey, scenarios involving talks with Assad and ISIS – unpopular but unavoidable?

At the same time, examples such as the unfreezing of relations between the United States and Cuba, the nuclear agreement with Iran and European crisis management in Ukraine illustrate the potential of diplomatic work. So what can diplomats achieve in the face of increasingly hybrid forms of conflict? Who should negotiate with whom, when states lose their monopoly on use of force? And not least, how much pragmatism can diplomatic crisis management bear?

Those are the questions discussed by German and international politicians and experts on the 2016 Tiergarten Conference.

The Tiergarten Conference is the international yearly conference of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on foreign and security politics. Since 2011 international experts and policy makers come together every year in order to analyse in professional and public discussions strategic questions and develop progressive courses of action. With its public events the Tiergarten Conference makes the results of these discussions available to a wider audience and contributes like this to a nuanced debate about foreign and security politics in Germany.